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Deck Articles

A deck is a prized feature for many homeowners. Not only is a deck a wonderful place to relax and unwind, but also serves as a go-to spot for entertaining guests when the weather is pleasant.

Decks also add value to a house, particularly in regions where much of the year is fairly mild and a deck will get much more use. Decks also have a fairly good return on investment (ROI) compared to other home additions, often breaking even or helping the homeowner to even earn some money back when the house is sold.

A home’s deck is a peaceful space to read and think. It is also a wonderful area to entertain. A deck energizes a backyard and creates an area where family and friends can make memories for years to come. Along with the deck’s design and location, a deck’s material is one of the biggest decisions a homeowner must make. For years, treated natural wood, such as southern pine, has been the popular choice for a deck’s material. However, most wood, except very high-end tropical wood, has a tendency to crack, split and warp with changes in temperature and humidity.

The decision to build your new deck has been made, and the budget set. Your next step may be the hardest. With literally thousands of deck designs out there, choosing the one that meets all your needs and satisfies your distinctive tastes, won’t be simple.

Your deck should be a private space to retreat, relax and/or entertain. The decor and furniture you decide to use will create the ambience but must also be both durable and comfortable. As the aim is a relaxing, informal atmosphere, you could opt for a very colorful color scheme or go all natural with cream, white and earthen tints.

Shade and Privacy

In order to truly enjoy your deck, there should be ample shade on those hot summer days. The type of shade you use will play a surprisingly big role in the overall look, so choose wisely.

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