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Drawing of a large deck attached to the second story of a house.

Great Decks Start with Great Deck Plans!

Download, print, and get building department approval!

Custom deck plans. Have a deck designed to your specifications.
Hundreds of deck plans available. Small, medium, large decks.

Affordable Downloadable Deck Plans

Multi-level Decks

Multi-level decks add visual appeal and functionality by dividing the deck into multiple areas that suit your needs. View all multi-level deck plans.

Pool and Spa Decks

Make access to your spa, or pool easier, and give it that finishing touch by adding a beautiful new deck. View all pool and spa deck plans.

Shade Structures

Beat the heat by a choosing a deck that has shade built-in. These decks feature roofs, pergolas, or gazebos that provide shade on those scorching summer days. View all deck plans that have shade enhancing features built in.

Special Features

There are many additional features that enhance the look and appeal of a deck and make it stand out from the crowd. Choose a deck plan that includes benches, a privacy screen, curves, spiral stairs, and more. Choose the plan that's right for you from our extensive catalog. View all deck plans with extra features built-in.

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