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Deck Plan #1R0087

Top view of medium size, low, single-level deck with privacy screen (#1R0087).
Front view of medium size, low, single-level deck with privacy screen (#1R0087).Medium size, low, single-level deck with privacy screen (#1R0087).

This deck plan is for a medium size, low, single-level, deck.


  • Privacy screen.
Size (sq. ft.): 
Dimensions: 21 ft × 16 ft × 2 ft


Plans are for 20x14 not 20x16

The plans are for 20x14 not 20x16 that the description states. The plans are nice if you need help with placement of beams posts, joist and a materials list. However there are no written explanations/diagrams of putting up ledger boards, the privacy fence, box steps, or railings. These plans are not worth the $$.

@ctr83 Please do a Little Research Before you Criticize

@ctr83 it’s unfortunate that you decided to post this without contacting us first, or reading the Deck Plan Details page that clearly explains that the dimensions on every deck plan page indicate the deck footprint - the dimensions of a completed deck, including any stairs or overhangs. This is necessary so that you know how much space the deck will occupy on your property. If we did not state the total dimensions of the deck then how would you know if the deck will fit, or if it will encroach on any easements or setbacks from your property line? The square footage indicates the surface area available on all levels. Again, all of this is clearly explained on the Deck Plan Details page.

As for your second point, the contents of our plans are spelled out on the Deck Plan Contents page. Building a deck is not like putting together an IKEA bookshelf where we can include step-by-step instructions for your specific deck plan. You need some carpentry skills and a least a basic idea of how a deck is built before taking on a do-it-yourself deck building project. However, please look up to the main menu at the top of every page on the site where it says ‘HOW TO BUILD A DECK.’ There you will find detailed instructions on many aspects of deck building including putting up ledger boards, 7 pages on privacy fences, box steps, and railings. This detailed guide is free for you to use, download, and print at your convenience.

These deck plans are a great deal at only $16.99, and worth every penny. They are the same high quality plans that our professional deck builders have been using for more than 20 years, and are only a fraction of the cost of a custom plan. They would be a good deal at twice the price. There is a wealth of information on this site about deck building and it’s all available for you to use at no cost. Please do a little research next time before commenting.

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