Hidden Fasteners: Shadoe Track Hidden Fasteners

Most deck construction is done with surface mounted fasteners, such as deck screws, or treated nails, driven down through the deck boards into the top edges of the joists below. In any construction project, and opening in the surface of material presents an opportunity for deterioration.

Water has a tendency to pool in the shallow holes above the screw heads, penetrating to the interior of your deck boards and speeding up the process of gradual deterioration. As the lumber expands and contracts with changes in temperature, this process is aggravated even further, tearing and warping the holes around the fasteners.

The moisture then travels down the fasteners into the top edges of the joists, spreading the deterioration to the underside of the decking, where the cool, dark environment will eventually turn this to rot, softening the tops of the joists.

By using a hidden fastening system, such as Shadoe® Track, you get three main benefits. First, it eliminates the need for holes in the decking, which means that your decking will last longer. Second, it is more aesthetically pleasing. Since the deck is not pierced with holes and screw heads. Third, the integrated fasteners create a stronger connection that is not as susceptible to warping and other damage.

Deck joists with Shadoe Track hidden deck fastening system to mitigate water damage.