Completed second tier of gazebo roof, before installation.
How to Build a Deck

Gazebos: How to Frame Your Gazebo Roof

Detailed steps with images detailing how to build a gazebo roof, including ripping corner posts, the gazebo foundation ring, single and two-tiered gazebo roofs, blocking gazebo rafters, fascia boards, and more.
Base structure of Gazebo, framed, before deck boards go on.
How to Build a Deck

Gazebos: How to Build a Gazebo Foundation

Learn how to build solid foundation for your Gazebo with these easy to follow instructions. Learn how to build an octagon frame, install your top frame, and lay decking for your Gazebo floor.
Deck joists with Shadoe Track hidden fasteners.
How to Build a Deck

Hidden Fasteners: Shadoe® Track Hidden Fasteners

The Shadoe® Track hidden deck fastening system provides a water resistant deck board installation that protects deck boards and joists from water damage, extending the life of your deck.
Deck sub-structure showing joist cap on deck joists to protect from water damage.
How to Build a Deck

How to Install Joist Cap

Hot to install Joist Cap the right way to reduce water infiltration and damage to the sub-structure of your deck.
Deck sub-structure framed around a tree.
How to Build a Deck

Custom Deck Framing

Framing decks for decking installed at a 45 degree angle, around trees, and framing decks not attached to the house.
Framing for a second story deck with posts, beams, and some deck joists installed.
How to Build a Deck

How to Frame a High Deck

How to build a high deck. Build a second story deck that is strong, safe, and visually appealing. Tips for framing and finishing a high deck.