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Benches add additional seating that blends in with the look of the deck.

20.3 Benches: Wrap Around Bench

Standard bench height is finished 18" above the deck. Benches are built two or three boards wide on a 2X6 frame (2x4 for maintenance free bench). Blocking between the front and back framing member should be installed every 16" the same as the decking. Bench support legs can be placed every four to six feet apart.


20.2 Benches: Composite Deck Bench Plan

A standard bench for a deck is 18” tall built on two 4x4 support legs.  For a full maintenance free bench, frame using pressure treated  2x4 material (instead of the 2x6 framing used for a wooden deck) and trim with maintenance free material. Trim on the bench is installed the same as the horizontal deck trim. Be sure to install the fasteners in the trim as often as the fasteners in the decking when installing maintenance free trim. Every 16” is most common. The maintenance free trim will cover both the 2x4 frame and the bench seat edge.


20.1 Benches: Wood Deck Bench Plan

Benches can be either free standing on the deck, or the bench can be attached to/built into the deck. Free standing benches are furniture, and not considered part of the deck. Attached benches are part of the deck.

Under no circumstances can any type of bench, even built in benches with a back, be used as a guard on any deck higher than 24 inches above grade. Be familiar with local building codes in your area to ensure bench placement passes building code standards.

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