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privacy screens

Privacy screens offer privacy from neighbors in areas where there is no fence, or the deck is elevated above the fence.

22.7 Privacy Screens: Fixed Louver Privacy Screens

Cedar privacy screen with fixed louvers.

Horizontal louvers are a fixed piece that is set between a cut out or routered out vertical frame. Louvers are mainly made out of cedar but can also be made out of some maintenance free products.


22.1 Privacy Screens: Lattice Privacy Screen

This privacy screen is made with handmade square lattice with 1 1/2" spaces. It could also be made with lath or 1x2. Be sure the staples are facing the outside of the deck. If you use angled lattice it is installed in the same way. 1x2 is used to frame the lattice and can be routered in the outside edge to give a more finished professional look.

Handmade lattice privacy screen.


22. Privacy Screens

Privacy screen posts are installed the same way as rail posts, with each of them set inside the outside joist and/or faceplate. Match the space from the bottom 2X4 framing member to the top of the deck surface the same space as the railing horizontal bottom space. Install the top 2X4 at the finished height of the privacy screens less the thickness of the finished top rail. Privacy screens are often trimmed in with routered 1X2 trim around the perimeter to give it a more finished, professional look.

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