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23. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting, generally, is low voltage. Post lights and step lights are the most common. Lights are run in a continuous series through low voltage outdoor lighting wire from a transformer.

Composite deck with low voltage lighting in the steps.
Wiring plan for low voltage lighting in a deck.

The wire starts at the timer/transformer, through each light and ends at the last light. Each bulb on average is 12 watts. Multiply the number of lights by each 12 watt bulb to calculate the transformer size. Example: 10 lights X 12 watts = 120 watt transformer. Check bulb watt size on larger planter lights, these bulbs are often larger. If a large number of lights are being installed, split the wire and branch it off the timer/transformer in two runs. Those two separate runs will allow the lights through the system to glow consistently.

Deck low voltage lighting wiring diagram.

Outdoor lighting is built in during construction. Step lights, post lights and planter lights are available router lens cover in flush with all decking materials.

 Low voltage step lighting in a deck.

Ensure that all wiring is all concealed for an overall built in look.

Step light openings are cut and routered into the trim before the trim is installed.

Low voltage junction box wiring for deck steps.

The lighting wire is run in a loop and fished outside of each step light opening.

Low voltage junction box wiring for deck step lights.

The fiberglass step light box is connected with man connectors.

Low voltage junction box wiring for deck step lights.

Secure the step light into the opening using four panhead screws and install the bulb.

Junction box wiring for low voltage deck lighting.

Secure the lens cover into place. Be sure the back side of the lens cover is clean before installing.

Plexiglass cover on low voltage deck lighting.

Secure the wiring in place using electrical staples. Keep the wire connection facing up.

Low voltage lighting junction box showing wiring.

On riser stairs secure all wires neatly. Below is the final exposed look from the underside of the deck.

Underside of deck steps showing low voltage deck lighting junction boxes and wiring.


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