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pressure treated

In deck construction, pressure treated wood is used for the substructure for strength and durability, even if cedar, or other materials are used for the deck surface.

4. Installing Deck Ledgers

A ledger board is a horizontal piece of lumber attached to a wall to support the ends of deck joists. The ledger can be attached using one of three methods.

3. Post Hole Excavation and Post Setting

Your post footings are the foundation of your deck and just like your house, the deck is only as strong as its foundation. Our deck plans are designed to be used with poured footings and posts set in brackets attached to the top of the footing.

The footings are constructed using a round cardboard tube form that is 8” in diameter (often called a sonotube, after a popular brand). You should check your local building codes to ensure this is adequate to pass inspection in your area.

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